Modus Operandi: Laslas Gang

My Team had its GA in 8 Waves Bulacan yesterday. The GA was awesome. The day was full of funny antics and memorable events. We got more than what we paid for.

The most memorable of all? It was when I witnessed a real robbery taking place while we were inside a public bus on our way to a provincial bus terminal in Cubao. I was seated on the 2nd row from the front along the aisle. My agents were seated on the front row. To my right, just across the aisle, a medium weight man wearing a black shirt was leaning forward resting his left arm and forehead on the back of the front chair. Seated beside him was another man, who appears to be in his mid 20’s, laid back and was sleeping like a log. At first, I thought that there’s nothing wrong, but it’s been a security habit of mine to know where the hands of the people near me are, just to be sure that those hands are not doing anything it’s not supposed to do. To my surprise, I saw the right hand of the guy in black holding a razor blade, slashing open the right side pocket of the other guy who was sleeping. The guy was trying to steal the wallet of the hapless guy.

I quickly assessed the situation and came up with several options. The 1st thing I did was to look around to check if there were other suspicious person/s who might be part of the crime – I didn’t find any, and so I assumed that the criminal was a lone wolf. I thought of waking up the sleeping victim, but the risk was too great given that the criminal may decide to attack me instead or worse, he would run amock and hurt the passengers near him including my agents seated in front. All things considered, I just tried to make a loud sound by clearing my throat, hoping that the sleeping guy would wake up – sadly, he didn’t. The bus stopped, and we’re about to get off. On the way out, I told the bus conductor, who was just beside the exit, about what’s happening and I even pointed to him the robber who was still busy robbing his prey. The bus conductor did not appear to be surprised and he just asked me if I know whether the 2, the robber and the victim, were together. I shook my head and said, “no”. When I got off the bus, I looked back, and through the window, I saw the robber pointing his finger at the bus conductor, and it appears that they were arguing. Just before the bus left, I saw the robber glanced at my direction, I stared boldly thinking that if in case the robber decides to run after me, I can just simply run away. The bus left and I did not know what happened next. I’m just glad I did something about it and nothing bad happened to me.


About SLy M.

A BPO MGR in the PHL. An avid reader, writer and a rap enthusiast.
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