Balkman Meltdown

Balkman Meltdown

Was watching news just a few minutes ago, when I heard about a PBA import “melting down” during a game.  I haven’t been watching the PBA for a long time so I really haven’t been paying attention to whatever the latest is.  But this news caught my attention.  Balkman, a PBA import whose first name I don’t even care to know about, got pissed off for not getting the foul he wanted.  He walked cross court bumping and pushing around referees and even his team mates.   When one of his team mates tried to stop him from bullying another referee, Balky, hope you don’t mind me call the idiot “Balky”, pushed his team mate so hard the latter seemingly flew in the air and landed a few feet away.   Another team mate tried to stop him, but when Balkman shoved, this team mate pushed back (Thank you mr. team mate).  But then the shocking thing happened, Balkman grabbed the neck of his team mate with his left hand and then pushed him away.
This is the most indecent sportsmanship conduct I’ve ever seen in professional Basketball.  Balkman should be banned for life, fined with a ridiculously expensive amount and thrown back to the States where he can do whatever he wants to do.  I think Balkman was banned but can still go back to the PBA, and he was fined 150,000P (not sure with the amount though).
In youtube, I saw comments from co-pinoys raising a valid point. A point which I’ve been pondering about since High School – Why the crap do we need Imports in PBA?  I’d understand the practicality of having imports when Basketball was just new here – the technology was being transferred and we needed to see how it’s being done.  And, considering that there were only a few TVs then and the WWW was just an idea, the need to show and tell was vital. Now, PHL Basketball can even be argued as a national sports due to its popularity and we have more than enough professional basketball athletes in the country to competently play the game with grandiose style and amusement.  And so the question lies, why do we still have Imports in PBA?

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A BPO MGR in the PHL. An avid reader, writer and a rap enthusiast.
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