How to replenish the cheques of your UCPB Housing loan

I have a Housing Loan with UCPB payable in 20 years and I’ve been paying for it for 2 years now.  Every year, the monthly amortization varies depending on what the declared interest rate is for the year.  So far, the change is just within P100-200 needless to say, am still within budget.  And so, every year, I have to submit 12 Post Dated Cheques (PDC) to the bank, and every year I forget how to go about repleneshing my cheques with UCPB.  So I decided to write the steps to help me remember and hopefully, help others get some idea on how it’s done as well.

1.  Take note of the date of the last check.   That’s the date when you’re expected to submit your new PDCs.

2.  Expect to receive an email and snail mail from the bank regarding the repricing details.

3.  Bring with you 12 PDC when going to the bank.

4.  In UCPB, proceed to the 4th floor, then Counter 3.

5. Tell the Bank Rep your intention.  He (usually a He) will print out  the repricing form.  Sign the form.

6.  Give the Rep the 12 PDCs.  He’ll input the details and provide you the printed  copies.  Sign the PDCs.

7.  The Rep will give you a copy of the repricing form and tadah! You’re all set. Took me less than 40 minutes to settle everything in UCPB.


About SLy M.

A BPO MGR in the PHL. An avid reader, writer and a rap enthusiast.
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