Modus Operandi: The Dura Gang

One of my girl agents was victimized by the Dura Gang while she was on her way home from work to her house in Pasig. This happened sometime February 2013. Our office building is just a few meters away from the Edsa-Shaw Intersection, or popularly known as “Crossing”. When she boarded a public jeepney right in front of our office building, she sat between two men, the one to her left was dressed like a street thug and to her right was a guy wearing formal and decent clothes. A few seconds after, even before reaching the Crossing intersection, the street thug told her that somebody from the outside spat on her shoulder. The man even made it look realistic by holding up his fingers with spit on it. My agent said that it was so gross that she just had to look over her shoulder and brush off whatever is on there. She didn’t see any spit on her shoulder though, but the moment she looked over, the decent looking man to her right discreetly slid his hand into her bag and took her wallet. The whole incident happened instantly and the two men got off the jeepney a few meters just past the intersection.

I can’t help but ask – How come nobody saw the incident? This happened in a public jeepney, during rush hour, with lots of people inside the jeep! If somebody saw, how come nobody even dared to do something about it? It’s unbelievable to think that nobody saw what happened or at the very least became suspicious that something was wrong the moment the street thug held up his fingers with spit on it. I’ve been hearing about the Dura Gang’s MO since last year and I’m pretty sure the rest of the public are aware of it.  So, what was it?  Cowardice?  Nobody cares enough? “I’m okay as long as it’s not me”?  It just pains me to think that people are sympathetic to the victims when they see them in TV or read about them in the newspapers, but when someone is being victimized right in front of their eyes, they look the other way.


About SLy M.

A BPO MGR in the PHL. An avid reader, writer and a rap enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Modus Operandi: The Dura Gang

  1. chris says:

    I was victim of the same modus just yesterday 😦

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