Wally Bayola and the Anti-Camdording Law Infomercial

If you stepped inside a movie house too early; chances are, you’ve seen the Anti-Camcording law infomercial.  The comical infomercial shows Wally Bayola with Jose Manalo (Wally’s co-tandem in Eat Bulaga) as security guards in civilian uniform arresting a suspect who was clearly recording the movie using different recordable devices e.g. phone, shades with a video recorder, a pen, watch and what seems to be a USB with a  camcorder which was, ludicrously taken inside the suspect’s mouth.   Before the suspect was arrested, Wally gave this line “Masama yang ginagawa mo.  Kalaboso ka!”.   When I heard this from Wally, I remembered Wally’s sex scandal.  Surreal isn’t it?  I mean, this is exactly what Wally could have said to himself when he did what he did.

Anyhows, the Anti-Camcording Law was enacted by the late President Gloria Macapag Arroyo in April 2009 and was considered as a milestone legislation against piracy and illegal camcording activities in the country and in Asia.  Below is its salient provision.

“Any person who will be found guilty of violating the provisions of the Anti-Camcording Law shall be subject to a fine of PhP 50,000 to PhP 750, 000 (US$ 1,000 to 17,000) and will face imprisonment of a minimum six months and one day to six years and one day. Individuals who commit the punishable acts for the purpose of sale, rental or other commercial distribution shall suffer the penalty in the maximum. Foreign offenders shall face immediate deportation after payment of the fine and serving his/her sentence, and will permanently be refused entry to the Philippines. Offenders who are employees of or hold a seat in government will perpetually be disqualified from public office, and will forfeit his/her right to vote and participate in public election for five (5) years.”


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A BPO MGR in the PHL. An avid reader, writer and a rap enthusiast.
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