Devina DeDiva’s racist remark sparks public outrage

Manila, Philippines – Filipino Netizens are outraged by a recent facebook comment made by a certain Devina DeDiva ( a native of India) calling Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Filipinos “poor filthy maids”. Irked myself I posted the comment below in Twitter and the Facebook page created by fellow Pinoy netizens as a protest against the person who made the racist remark.

“I can tell from the quality of your opinion that you are a person of no ethics, breeding and logic. Thank you for expressing your opinion in the free internet word and for letting us know how pathetic you are as a person.” – Sly Maslang

When I logged in the newly created facebook page, the page like was at 800++, in a matter of minutes, it went up to 2500++.  In Twitter, the #DevinaDeDiva received tweets by the batches bashing everything that can be bashed about Devina – from physical appearance to her being a racist, insensitive, disrespectful and uneducated.

An hour later, someone posted in Twitter the true facebook page of Devina. To respect her FB privacy, despite her racism against the Filipinos, I still opted to not post her FB address in this blog. I went through her facebook posts and here is what I observed.

Devina is a native of India. She recently graduated from the University of Manchester in UK this 2013- proof that she had her share of the academic experience and at the same time, young and would probably lack maturity which is common with young people who have yet to learn from the harsh realities of the work force and the real world. Her photos are almost all #selfie(s) which tells me it’s likely that she’s still Single and likely needing much attention. Her grammar is impeccable and she appears to be witty as well – considering the quality of humor she shares and likes. She also likes having her nails polished, visiting the beauty parlor and going to the gym.

I may be wrong, after all, I’m no psychiatrist and even if I were, I still wouldn’t have all the details I need to come up with a conclusive analysis. But I think that she’s intelligent but far off from being educated. Being educated is characterized by displaying qualities of culture and learning. She’s right when she said that she’s entitled to express her opinion in the free world wide web (except in countries such as Singapore where she can be jailed for racist remarks even when made online), but her opinion in terms of logic is a fallacy of generalization (not really a sign of an intelligence though). The most striking; however, is that her opinion is racist and disrespectful which is unbecoming of a truly educated person. It’s funny that Devina called Megan and the Filipinas uneducated, poor and filthy but in essence, it was her conduct that clearly shows her quality of being uneducated and her personality, poor and filthy.


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15 Responses to Devina DeDiva’s racist remark sparks public outrage

  1. SLy M. says:

    11:49 PM Tuesday Manila – Just read a tweet about The University of Manchester denying that Deniva DeDiva was enrolled or in any way affiliated with the University. Other reports say that Deniva graduated from SIM University in Singapore and that she’s both Singaporean and Indian

  2. Miguel says:

    “It’s funny that Devina called Megan and the Filipinas uneducated, poor and filthy but in essence, it was her conduct that clearly shows her quality of being uneducated and her personality, poor and filthy.”
    Your ending statement says it all 🙂 Very true.

  3. Bames says:

    I am an Indian who was born & raised in the Philippines. I spent 27 years of my life there and most of my friends are Filipinos. Devina is obviously in some form of denial. Just because she is in the UK does not give her the right to put others down. She is lucky that she isn’t being exposed to racism herself as no matter what her citizenship may be, she is still of Asian descent.

    Filipinos are one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. Even jeepney drivers can speak English well enough to be understood by tourists. Filipinos are known for their generosity and humility. I do not understand how she can say such things about any race. TO be perfectly honest, she is not even that pretty to think of herself as above others not that I hink beauty makes one superior but honestly… In India, she would never even be looked at twice.

  4. Apol says:

    This blog is very fair. What she posted just perfectly described herself. It is just heartbreaking when she called bad names on maids…. What’s wrong with being a maid?.. It’s a descent, humble job. It’s not an easy job at all. *sigh* . I am a Filipino and i am proud to be one, ive been to different countries in asia to work fortunately in corporate offices, even so, i still have experienced descrimination and i understand that sometimes it’s just so hard not to care. I just hope that our kababayans won’t retaliate with another foul statement against her race. I noticed that some comments are not attacking only of what she said or her but to all the people of where she came from…. It’s not fair… And we just became like her. Let’s just not stoop down to her ignorance and level of thinking. Just like this blog, this is what i call a responsible comment.

    • SLy M. says:

      Thank you for your thoughts, Apol. I couldn’t agree more – sometimes people do the same vile thing they’re accusing someone else is doing.

  5. Cupids says:

    She is an Indian Singaporean, citizen of Singapore. She live & work in Singapore.

    Her current employer is Intertek Singapore – Consumer Goods [Lab Analyst]

    Consumer Goods Singapore# 06-01/03
    Asiawide Industrial Building
    5 Pereira Road
    T: +65 6388 8666
    F: +65 6382 6268
    Division: Consumer Goods

  6. There is nothing wrong with scrubbing toilets for a living. I know a lot of people who mop floors and clean toilets to feed their families and I respect them. It’s an honest way to earn money. This girl must have gone through a lot to make her say such things and act that way. I saw her photos, and I could understand why she is angry – If I look the way she looks – I would be angry too. Obviously she is misinformed since she has no idea how educated Filipinos are… they are everywhere – they are beautiful inside and out. It’s unfortunate her family did not teach her how to respect others. One day, her rotten attitude will catch up on her.

    • SLy M. says:

      ” If I look the way she looks – I would be angry too” – hahaha. I just hope that she learned a lot from the experience, and that it made her a better person.

  7. SLy M. says:

    “Yes I’m Fat And Ugly and Megan Young Is Sexy And Beautiful,” Devina Devida Seeks Apology From Philippines (

    I’m glad if this is true. Have some doubts about her sincerity though, because she first said that she’ll not apologize for what she said and that she was entitled to her free www opinion. Only after she was fired from her job and a criminal case filed against her, when she decided to create a twitter account just to apologize? Sounds like a legal counsel’s creativity to engender enough sympathy. Whatever the reason is, ending the Devina issue with an apology is a good message to everyone to always be mindful of what you say in public and that racism is and should never be tolerated in this world.

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