Social Malware: My friend sent me a malware!

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4 Responses to Social Malware: My friend sent me a malware!

  1. Thanks for this! I used to receive links from my Twitter friends too! Now I know, they’re spam. :))

  2. SLy M. says:

    You’re welcome Moriela 🙂 Some links might be legit, to be on the safe side, hover the mouse on the link and check the target URL at the bottom left of the browser. If the URL is not the same as that of the address link, and the target URL looks kinda “spammy” – then trust your guts and don’t click it. But the better way really, is to use a social media scanner and install an antivirus. Stay safe 🙂

  3. Oh you’re right! I’ve received lots of those malware messages in the past but I never clicked on them. I knew they were malware, being a technologically aware for years now. If I’m not sure, I’d ask my friend first if it was a spam or not. But I didn’t know about ESET! Good thing Facebook is taking more action on this problem 🙂

    xx Daphne of

  4. SLy M. says:

    That’s a good one Daphne 🙂 thanks for your input.

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