About the Sly

I’m Sly M. An avid reader, writer and a rap enthusiast. I’ve been commenting a lot lately in social nets and in online news articles about anything that catches my attention and so I asked, why not create my own blog site?


Nothing really special that I can say about me, I’m just an average guy lucky to have the World Wide Web (www) in my generation. I’m a M-G-R in a B-P-O here in the P-H-L, handling a team of tech savvy and adept writers. In the BPO for almost 9 years now – Prior, I spent 2.5 years in government as an Intel Analyst. Hence, I’d likely blog some BPO-related stuffs and some of my top of head insights about politics in general.


In Music, Francis M. influenced me immensely. First song I learned to rap was his “Man from Manila”, which I can still rap by the way. Other songs that I remember growing up with were Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, Coolio’s Gansta’s Paradise, Andrew E’s Andrew Ford Medina and Humanap ka ng Panget, Eminem’s Loose yourself and now Will Smith’s Just the two of us and Black Suit’s coming, and Loonie’s Pasensya Na. I guess you can say that I’m more of a product of old school hip hop but can still relate to the more aggressive and insanely dope rap songs and battles we have today.


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